Scholarship Celebration

1 April 2009

The Master of Science studies at BI are very demanding and require a solid effort from the students from day one. BI wants to honor the best of our good students, and therefore scholarships are awarded to excellent candidates that are admitted to the master programmes.

Foreign students who come from countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa defined by the Norwegian government and that have a bachelor degree with excellent results from one of BIs partner institutions, can be awarded a quota scholarship through the State Educational Loan Fund. The scholarship covers both tuition fee and living expences and is awarded to the best candidates from the given regions by nomination of BI.

Of the students who enrolled in the master programme autumn 2008, 12 students received this honor; 3 students from Fudan University in Shanghai, China and 9 students from National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy in Kiev, Ukraine. 

Excellent foreign students who do not qualify for a quota scholarship can apply for a BI scholarship, which may cover all or part of the tuition fee and in some cases living expences as well. The scholarships are awarded upon admission to the programme, and 18 excellent students received this honor this autumn. Half of the candidates have a bachelor degree from Academy of Economic Studies i Bucharest, Romania, and the rest come from Germany, Austria, China, F.Y.R.O.M, Canada, Estonia, USA and Denmark.

Of the Norwegian students who entered Master of Science this autumn, the ones with the best bachelors were elected to receive a NOK 10,000 scholarship to be deducted from the tuition fee. 6 students were selected, each of them from different master programmes.

All the students who received scholarships were invited to a small reception on March 12th, where they were congratulated by president of BI, Tom Colbjørnsen and director of the master programmes, Ann Kristin H. Calisch. They received diplomas as a token of the recognition from a proud president. He pointed out the importance of this group of students for BI and for the master programmes. Both because they are excellent students and bring important knowledge, but also because most of them have international background and adds value to the international environment here in BI. They also function as role models and an inspiration to their fellow students. 

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