Towards a different future

25 May 2009

As its first class of Bachelor and Master students of Entrepreneurship are about to graduate, BI organised a seminar on the 20th of May: “Systemising good ideas – together we will build the future”.

There is no is no doubt that the BI graduates in entrepreneurship will face quite a different future from this summer. With their bags full of tools for how to succeed with the process from idea to commercial success, they have been given the necessary grounding for taking part in future innovation. Be it in turbulent financial times such as these – or under more normal circumstances.   

”It is in times of crisis that openings are created for new businesses, business models and products. Entrepreneurs and innovators will often be able to take advantage of a recession as there is a need for people with the skills and courage to think afresh. But also in more normal times there is a need for innovation. More and more businesses will have to base their competitive advantage on the ability to be the first one out,” says President Tom Colbjørnsen in connection with the seminar. 

He sees no contradictions between being an innovator and well-educated.

”The advantage of our programme is that the students learn something about the economic system they are about to enter into. The entrepreneurs of tomorrow will gain insight into both financial and other aspects which they will have to master in order to succeed,” Colbjørnsen says in conclusion.  

On this Wednesday, four selected students from the Bachelor and Master programmes were given a unique opportunity to present their innovative ideas and skills. The seminar was attended by around 130 representatives from business and industry, students and BI staff. BI Careers Service had also succeeded in getting  Johan H. Andresen, Jr. of Ferd, to deliver a speech on socially responsible entrepreneurship.  

Andresen is highly committed to socially responsible entrepreneurs and investments and gave an exciting presentation on the subject.   

Student presentations were held by:

  • Ine Hope Karlsen, Bachelor - "Hjelp til selvhjelp - Satsning på entreprenørskap gjennom mikrokreditt"  (Helping people help themselves – empowering entrepreneurs through microcredit)
  • Vedrana Jez, Master - "Is there opening for disruptive innovation in Business Intelligence markets?"
  • Sindre Kristiansen, Bachelor - "Nordisk Mat" (Nordic Food)
  • Sebastian Adams and Ole Erik Heggdalsvik, Master - "Integrating users into new venture creation"
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