Top psychology researcher joins BI

3 June 2009

Professor Adrian Furnham has been hired as adjunct professor at BI Norwegian School of Management. He is an internationally leading researcher and author on organisational psychology.


Adrian Furnham

“This is a feather in our cap, and a recognition of BI Norwegian School of Management’s organisational psychology research community,” says professor Astrid Richardsen, head of the Department of Management and Organisation at BI Norwegian School of Management.

Professor Adrian Furnham of University College London is one of the world’s leading and most productive researchers within the field of organisational psychology and other aspects of psychology.

In recent years, professor Furnham has published more than 40 research articles annually in highly credited publications. In addition, professor Furnham has written or co-authored more than 35 textbooks and 15 popular psychology books. Over the past 25 years, professor Furnham has written almost 500 feature articles for newspapers and magazines. 

Furnham has broad educational experience from many fields within occupational and organisational psychology, and has advised a number of Master and Ph D students.

He has been a reviewer and served on a number of editorial boards for several credited research magazines. Professor Furnham has also worked as a corporate adviser for a number of private and public multinational companies.

Furnham has taught Ph D-classes at BI Norwegian School of Management and has in this way acquainted himself with the institution. He will now hold an adjunct professor position at BI Norwegian School of Management and be connected to the organisational psychology research group.

“Adrian Furnham will be an inspiration for our research community. I also hope we can benefit from his extensive networking with European research communities,” says associate professor Øyvind L. Martinsen, who heads the organisational psychology research group at BI Norwegian School of Management.

Martinsen also believes that Ph D-students will benefit greatly from Furnham’s association with BI Norwegian School of Management.

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