Norwegian energy study program attracts international students

28 September 2009

BI Norwegian School of Management’s Executive Master in Energy Management is fully booked with 35 students coming from 16 different countries. Europe is represented with most students, but there is a growing interest from African and American countries.

Nigerian petroleum consultant to graduate from BI this autumn – with his wife now enrolled for the same course.

Ijeoma Nnenna Odizuru-Abangwu comes from Nigeria. She is starting on the 2009/2010 program here in Oslo on 14 September. Her husband, Charles Odizuru-Abangwu Jr., has completed the study program for 2008/2009 and is due to graduate on 25 September.  The couple are residents of Port Harcourt in Nigeria, where they both work, Charles as a petroleum consultant for Reach Engineering & Diving Services and Ijeoma for Shell Nigeria.  

“Last year I watched my husband going through the same study program. I could see that it was demanding, but since my husband could do it – so can I,” Ijeoma says with a smile. She has been thinking about an international master degree for some time, and since giving birth to a baby boy in December she needed a master course she could combine with having a full-time job and running a family.  

“This Master course at BI Norwegian School of Management is a great three-in-one solution for me,” she says with delight.    

The international aspect of the degree was highly important for her choice of location. “I was never looking to do my Master’s in Nigeria. I am aiming for a position in senior management, and view the whole world as my market. Besides, I was looking for a good name, and the fact that top schools such as the IFP School in Paris were involved was very important to me.”    

The Executive Master in Energy Management is tailor-made for people aiming for management positions in the energy sector.  

“I already have the technical know-how. It is the business part of things I am really looking forward to learning more about right now. Why do we in Shell in Nigeria have the strategies that we do? What is our road forward? And what makes the oil prices go up or down? This is the type of thing I will need to know to be a senior manager in the future,” says a goal-oriented Ijeoma.   

More interaction

The links between the petroleum industry in African countries and Norway are increasing. This is the continent with the perhaps most exciting development going on these days. For example, both the government initiative Oil for Development and StatoilHydro are active in countries such as Nigeria, Angola and Mozambique.   

“The fact that BI Norwegian School of Management has grown into a prominent institution in the field of energy management, attracting Norwegian as well as African students, may in itself be strengthening and improving this interaction,” says Glenn Ruud, Director of Studies at BI Norwegian School of Management’s leadership education.  

“We are delighted with the great international interest. Energy management is one of three scientific fields which we market internationally,” he continues.   

Graduation ceremony – in style

The Class of 2009 - MBA, EMBA and Energy at BI Norwegian School of Management graduated on Friday,  25 September. The ceremony was given an international flair with a “gown and mortarboard” ceremony.

“We tend to be rather down-to-earth here in Norway, and lack the tradition of a formal graduation ceremony like they have in other international institutions. We intend to do something about this,” says Ola Øivind Ommedal, who is in charge of the arrangements for the ceremony.  

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