Norwegian shipping company to sponsor international students

14 October 2009

The A. Wilhelmsen Foundation wants to attract more international top students to Norway and BI. Therefore, the foundation is now establishing a scholarship programme to help finance a Norwegian education for selected international students.

President Tom A. Colbjørnsen of BI Norwegian School of Management is very pleased with the cooperation with the A. Wilhelmsen Foundation.

“We are very pleased the A. Wilhelmsen Foundation has joined the scholarship programme. This scheme will enable us to attract even more qualified and talented international students. It is BI’s close cooperation with businesses, our relevance and research-based education which make agreements such as this possible,” says President Tom A. Colbjørnsen of BI Norwegian School of Management.

The A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship will be established within the A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship Program – BI for up to two students each year. The scholarship programme includes bachelor, master and doctoral studies at BI Norwegian School of Management. The scholarship is for NOK 75 000 per semester/per student, and is disbursed at the beginning of each semester. The scholarship programme and disbursements to the students are handled by BI Norwegian School of Management, which is also responsible for the academic follow-up of the students.

The scholarship fits in well with the strategy of BI Norwegian School of Management to work closely with businesses and industry and to attract well-qualified international students.

“BI performs business-oriented and applied research and development work within its fields at a high internal level. This makes us an attractive partner and we are pleased the A. Wilhelmsen Foundation has chosen BI as its partner ,” says Tom Furulund chairman of the foundation.

Both parties will carry out the necessary recruitment to attract candidates from their international partners. Candidates will be subject to the applicable admission criteria and deadlines, and will be considered for admission just like other potential students. A committee comprised of representatives of the A. Wilhelmsen Foundation and BI will select the scholarship recipients amongst the qualified applicants.

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