High demand for master’s graduates

23 March 2010

Figures from the annual job market survey show that 96 per cent of all graduates from the school with master’s and Business and Economics degrees have jobs after finishing their studies.

This is a pronounced increase on 2008, when 90 per cent of master’s and Business and Economics graduates had jobs six months after completing their studies. As many as 70 per cent of them had also secured a job before they completed their examinations. The corresponding proportion of bachelor’s graduates declined, however, from 93 per cent in 2008 to 87 per cent in 2009. 

“Demand for our graduates remained high even during the big financial crisis year”, says the president of BI Norwegian Business School, Professor Tom Colbjørnsen. 

“It is clear that we deliver relevant, high quality trainings which are in demand in both the business and the public sector. A sound training in economic and administrative subjects is more robust to cyclical fluctuations than many people have thought, says Colbjørnsen.” 

Favourable wage growth

The average annual salary, including bonus and supplementary pay, of master’s and Business and Economics graduates is almost NOK 20 000 higher than last year, at NOK 434 000. The average salary without supplements is NOK 384 000 for these graduates. 


The figures are taken from BI Norwegian Business School’s annual job market survey. 2358 students were asked and 979 responsed to the survey (response rate of 42%).

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