Many mentors applying for re-election

31 May 2010

A total of 12 mentors wish to apply for re-election to BI’s mentor programme for bachelor and master students. A maximum of 40 people are offered this opportunity every year.

- It's clear that networking and mentor programmes are a popular trend. Over the past two years applications from potential mentors to the BI Norwegian Business School have poured in. What is more, this year we noticed that a large portion of those who have previously served as mentors are applying to do so again, says Adriana Jansen at the BI Norwegian Business School’s Careers Service.  

The deadline for participating in this year’s mentor programme expired on 1 February. More than 70 people with many years of work experience from business and industry applied to be mentors in the mentor programme. A maximum of 40 people will be given the opportunity to do so. 

- The mentors seem to be unanimous when it comes to giving reasons for why they choose to spend their time on today’s BI students: professional development, up-to-date information, contact with another generation, a new network and an opportunity to promote awareness and accountability are reasons that many of them give. Some mentors find it particularly interesting to participate in the international mentor programme for master students because they join an international environment with both Norwegian and international students from many different countries, says Adriana. 

Good relationships

The programme places a heavy emphasis on combining theory with practice. As well as focusing on the personal development of the adepts, the programme also consists of plenary sessions and network groups. 

The most important factor, however, is the personal chemistry between mentor and adept. A lot of time is spent on finding the right mix in terms of the adept’s educational background, career plans and areas of interest. - Our experience is that mentors and adepts maintain contact with each other after the programme ends, and many establish long-term and valuable relationships. This feedback tells us that our mentor programmes are successful, Adriana concludes. 

Facts about BI’s mentor scheme

  • This year at BI Oslo there will be approx. 40 couples consisting of one mentor and one adept (student)
  • BI’s mentor scheme was established in 2000
  • BI Oslo runs two programmes: An international programme for master students and a norwegian programme for bachelor students 
  • This year more than 70 people from business and industry applied to become a mentor
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