Record high numbers of exchange students

19 May 2010

Over the past five years we have seen a significant increase in the number of business and economics students from BI opting for an exchange semester abroad. Figures have risen to 40 per cent in 2011.

“The student exchange programmes give the students an opportunity to learn about business culture and practice in other countries,” says Tom Colbjørnsen, President of BI Norwegian Business School. “This type of exchange helps broaden the qualifications of our students who go into Norwegian business and industry and the public administration sector. We are therefore adjusting our study programmes to ensure that exchanges can be facilitated more easily in the course of study.”   

Faced with a more demanding job market, more and more students see taking a semester as a foreign exchange student as an opportunity to distinguish themselves. In 2007 only eleven per cent of our business undergraduates opted for exchange studies, whilst now it seems that next year as many as 40 per cent of the students will spend a semester abroad at one of the 160 universities and university colleges that BI has an exchange agreement with.   


Business students on exchange programmes over the past five years: 

2007: 11%
2008: 13%
2009: 23%
2010: 25%
2011: 40%

Top 5 list of where students would most like to go for an exchange programme:  

  1. Australia
  2. USA  
  3. France
  4. UK
  5. Hong Kong
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