Want To Become Better Leaders

12 August 2010

The Master of Management programmes at BI Norwegian Business School starts up 1. of September.Several of the programmes are already going fast. Management-oriented subjects with a foundation in organizational psychology are clearly most popular.

 "Many people see that working life is changing, and want to position themselves for the future," says BI Norwegian Business School President Tom Colbjørnsen. More and more businesses are focusing more on a wide range of management skills.

The Master of Management is a flexible study model for people who are working. The degree can be put together at one's own rate, and there is a broad portfolio of Master of Management programmes to choose from. On the whole there are 10 per cent more applicants to these programmes this year, compared with the same time last year – i.e. an increase from 930 applicants to 1,021 applicants. The most popular programmes this year seem to be Management; Power and Opinion (37 per cent more applicants), Human Resource Management (24.5 per cent), Interaction and Management (16 per cent) and Influence in Organizations (13.5 per cent). 

"These are programmes that are part of somewhat softer management-oriented subjects. These subjects are more about executives and interpersonal relations: how you as a leader gain support for your ideas, contribute to motivation and interaction, and create growth through people," says Glenn Ruud, Director of Continuing Education and Training at BI. 

"The programmes that see the greatest increase in the number of applicants vary every year, but the past two years have shown that a growing number of businesses value the importance of good management in  troubled times," says Ruud.

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