Professorship in maritime research

23 August 2010

Through continuation of an agreement with the Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group (WW), the BI Norwegian Business School will strengthen its knowledge development of the maritime industry.

WW is renewing the endowed professorship in strategy and industrial competitiveness at BI for another five years.

The agreement has a scope of NOK 6.25 million, and will provide important support to future-oriented research into innovation and economic development.

“The oil era is drawing to a close, and Norway must find other areas of investment. And what could be more natural than to invest in something in which we have long traditions and considerable competence, namely the maritime industry. We are already among the best in the world. Increased knowledge about and research into the maritime sector is therefore important. Competence is our strongest competitive advantage. Through cooperation with the BI Norwegian Business School we want to stimulate an interest in the maritime industry and its significant value creation in and for society," says Wilhelm Wilhelmsen, a board director in the Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group.

 “We are delighted that the Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group wants to continue funding the endowed professorship in strategy and industrial competitiveness,” says Tom Colbjørnsen, President of BI. “This type of endowed professorship offers the opportunity to gain new knowledge about the maritime industry and is therefore an important impetus to both research and teaching activities at BI in a disciplinary field that is extremely important for Norway’s future economic development.”

The large national research project ‘A Knowledge-based Norway’ is being carried out under the leadership of Professor Torger Reve at BI. The project analyzes what Norway will live off in the future and what it is that makes Norway attractive as a nation of business and industry. The project is particularly interested in the role which knowledge has to play in innovation and business development and in which areas Norway has global knowledge hubs that could attract international economic and industry.

The previous professorship from Wilh. Wilhelmsen formed the basis for a large national commitment to the maritime endowed professorships Global Maritime Knowledge Hub, which today has 16 professorships financed by business and industry.

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