Record number of new students at BI

20 August 2010

Just over 4400 new students started a new academic year at BI on Monday 16 August. This is a new record and an 8 per cent increase from last year’s record admission. The increase can be seen at both the bachelor and the master level, and at all the regional BI campuses.

“We are delighted that so many want to study at BI,” says President Tom Colbjørnsen at BI Norwegian Business School. According to Statistics Norway there will be a strong increase in society’s need for people with a higher education in the fields of finance and management. The students therefore make a wise decision when they choose to do a bachelor or master at BI.

Greatest increase in master programmes

The BI master programmes have seen an increase from 575 students in the autumn of 2009 to 655 in the autumn of 2010. This is an increase of 14 per cent. The master programmes that have had the biggest growth this year are Strategic marketing management (41,5%) and the Norwegian siviløkonom programme. (37%). Other popular master programmes are:

  • Political Economy (26%).
  • Management and organisation psychology (13%)
  • Accounting and auditing (10%)

On top at the bachelor level: Estate agency

The BI bachelor programmes had 7.5 per cent growth compared to last year. New competence requirements for estate agents have led to a whopping 89 per cent increase in the estate agency course from 2009 (from 204 to 386 students). Travel and Tourism Management and the only bachelor programme in English, Business Administration (BBA), are also very popular among this year’s BI students and have increased by 47 and 35 per cent respectively. 

Good overall increase

The students at BI Norwegian Business School attend six different campuses. All six have seen an increase this autumn:

BI Norwegian Business School has continuous admission, and it is therefore still possible to apply for admission to both the bachelor and master level.

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