Training in start-up enterprises

16 August 2010

This summer, 13 master’s degree students in innovation and entrepreneurship from BI have worked for ten different start-up companies at Oslo Innovation Centre. This is BI’s first placement agreement in Norway forming an integral part of the master degree.

All the start -up companies at the Oslo Innovation Centre are working to achieve success in the international market, and the students have been assisting them in their commercialisation, depending on which stage they have reached in their development process. This means finding distributors, preparing business and market plans, persuading investors and doing market research.   

“There is a growing need for innovation. More and more companies base their competitiveness on their ability to be the first to bring new products and solutions to the market. The advantage of our study programme and the internship is that the students are given an in-depth experience of financial and other aspects they need to master to make good ideas commercially viable,” says BI principal, Tom Colbjørnsen.   

The students count nine different nationalities between them, and only four of them are from Norway. 

“I particularly like the fact that the group includes so many different nationalities. Together we represent a lot of different business mentalities,” says Diana S. Holberg, originally from Indonesia. Andriy Shmyheksyy fully agrees. 

“All the new-start enterprises we have been placed with are aimed at the international market. This suits us particularly well. We both hope and believe that we have useful knowledge and insight to offer the companies in this field,” he says.   

What really put the internship on top of the students’ wish list was the opportunity to match their academic work with real-life practical work experience.  

“This is a unique opportunity for us to learn more about technology innovation and how to set up one’s own business. We will get an excellent overview of the full picture – without taking any risks ourselves,” smiles Robert Ivan, born in Norway to Hungarian parents.


  • BI Norwegian Business School is a one per cent shareholder of Oslo Innovation Centre and this internship agreement will increase our collaboration
  • The work will take place during the summer semester (June – August 2010)  
  • The students will receive academic supervision from BI’s head of the discipline, and there will be an examination at the end of it. The placement will count for 12 credits towards the Master’s degree.  
  • English-speaking students were encouraged to apply
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