Alumni network growing

9 September 2010

Networking is becoming increasingly important to build a career. At the same time, BI Alumni gains new members every day. In June 2010, the alumni group had more than 20,000 activated users.

With 20 000 activated alumni from 86 counties, BI Alumni has grown in its nine-year ”career”. Of the Norwegian academic institutions, only the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has more alumni.

”Norway does not have a strong tradition for alumni networks, but considering that every tenth working person in Norway has a course certificate from BI Norwegian Business School, this will be an important focus area for us in the future,” President Tom Colbjørnsen says.

In addtion to boasting members from 86 countries, BI Alumni recently launched international network groups in 29 countries.

­”As we are a Norwegian school with international ambitions, it is very gratifying to see that our recently launched international alumni groups are growing, both in membership and number of nationalities represented,” Colbjørnsen adds.

The international network groups provide BI alumni with a local network in their home countries, and BI can maintain contact with their most important and best international ambassadors. Both the Norwegian and international network groups are managed by volunteer alumni.

Career building

Figures fromBI Norwegian Business School ’s labour market survey for both bachelor and master students, as well as the alumni group, also reveal that the largest percentage name networks as their primary method for contacting a potential new employer. 17 per cent of the 2009 bachelor and master students say they use acquaintances/networks as their primary contact with a new employer, while 19 per cent of the alumni group say the same.


  • An academic institution’s alumni network is a resource for networking, academic and professional updates, career development and life-long learning for bachelor or master graduates.
  • In addition to international network groups, BI has seven academic networks based in Oslo (HR/Management, Strategy, Finance, Innovation, Marketing, Communication and Scenario Philosophy)  and five regional networks in connection with our Norwegian campuses.
  • The labour market survey for young people was carried out in February 2010. The survey was distributed to 2,358 BI students who graduated with a bachelor or master degree.  979 responded to the survey (42 per cent response rate).
  • The alumni labour market survey was carried out in February 2010. The survey was distributed to 19,927 active members of BI Alumni from 1999 to 2008. 3,358 responded (17 per cent response rate)
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