BI holds its own in the face of tough competition

20 September 2010

Out of 4 000 schools worldwide, BI Norwegian Business School's Master of Business and Economics programme has been ranked 64th in the world on Financial Time's ranking.

"BI Norwegian Business School is a Norwegian business school with international ambitions. However, the annual ranking by the Financial Times shows that competition is stiffer than ever," states Tom Colbjørnsen, President of BI Norwegian Business School. "Our long-term goal is nonetheless to keep climbing in the rankings." 

BI Norwegian Business School has recently undergone a thorough evaluation by an international committee. "They have given us the highest score, and confirmed that we are on the right track," says Tom Colbjørnsen. "This means we are about to become one of the top business schools of Europe."

"BI Norwegian Business School will hone its focus on being a business school. We will continue our drive to reinforce our academic resources, and we will concentrate even more specifically on our economic and management-oriented subjects. BI will continue to be characterized by its combination of academic substance and business relevance."  

The ranking of the Master in Management programmes (the BI MSc in Business and Economics and Norwegian Siviløkonomstudie) is based on factors such as graduate salary after three years, the number of doctorates in the faculty, women in the faculty and on the board, as well as the percentage of international members in the faculties. 

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