Getting under students’ skin

28 February 2011

BI is currently launching video and quiz competitions on Facebook. Three students have been assigned the task of making interesting films about the everyday lives of BI students.

- Facebook has become an important channel for close, informal dialogue with our target groups. We currently have 3300 ”likes”, but are aiming for 10 000 by the end of the year. We also want more dialogue and more involvement. For this reason, those who “like” us will see more of both video productions and competitions this year,’ says Tone Steen Sandberg, who is in charge of social media.

BI’s Department of Information and Corporate Communication has recruited students to produce new films every month from now on. The films focus on what a BI student’s average day actually involves; their favourite moments and myths that will likely be put to bed.  

- We are seeing that potential students look to social media to find out a bit about other students’ experiences of BI. So it’s important to us to leave a lot of the direction of these films up to the students,’ Sandberg says.

Each film is followed up by a quiz, and each month we draw a winner of a video camera. The first film to be shown will be BI’s new advertisement film, but starting in March, we will be releasing self-produced student films.

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