Strong annual results for BI

30 March 2011

BI Norwegian Business School achieved a total turnover of NOK 1 259 million in 2010, compared with NOK 1 160 million the previous year. This is an increase of nine percent. NOK 20 million of last year’s profit has been set aside in a fund for scholarships for foreign students.

- A result like this gives us strategic room to manouvre, and enables us to strengthen our academic staff, among other things. We need competent, international professionals for our new priority areas, says president of BI Norwegian Business School, Tom Colbjørnsen.

The fund will attract international MSc and PhD students by offering scholarships, among other things.

- We are very pleased with the result. Since BI is a private foundation, and doesn’t have any owners, no profit is taken out. It is all used to improve our learning environment, says Colbjørnsen.


In 2010, BI had a total of 19 998 students, compared with 19 931 students in 2009. 52 percent were part time students. 50.7 percent of the students were female. In 2010, a total of 812 587 credits were taken, compared with 793 409 credits in 2009, which is equal to 13 543 students in full-time study. 131 047 exams were taken in 2010.

BI Norwegian Business School 2010 2009
Turnover 1 259 mkr 1 160 mkr
Operating result 179 mkr 87 mkr
Profit after tax 105 mkr 34 mkr
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