Continuing education good for your career

22 June 2011

More than half of those who undertake continuing or post-graduate education at BI Norwegian Business School go into a position at a higher level after their studies.

Sixty-five per cent also have a higher annual income, according to the labour market survey for the graduates of 2010.
“These figures confirm that BI delivers a relevant, high quality education which is in demand in the labour market,” says President of BI Norwegian Business School, Tom Colbjørnsen. "In our knowledge-based society, knowledge will quickly go stale, and life-long learning is becoming more important all the time".

The impact on the annual salary is greatest for those who did a Master of Management at BI Norwegian Business School. Nearly 70 per cent were given a salary increase at the end of their studies.

The main findings in the labour market survey 2010 are good news for the students as well as the companies:

  • Over 60 per cent of those who take continuing / post-graduate education at BI Norwegian Business School have the same employer as before/when they started.
  • Seven out of ten say they are very happy / happy with their present job. 
  • Sixty-five per cent say their studies at BI have led to great / very great job satisfaction 
  • Ninety per cent say their career opportunities have been strengthened.

The labour market survey was conducted in February/March 2011 with a 45 per cent response rate.

The participants have completed EMBA, MBA, Master of Management, Bachelor of Management and one-year courses at BI Norwegian Business School.

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