Dear new student!

17 August 2011

Welcome to BI Norwegian Business School! As a student at BI, you will gain an education which combines academic quality and relevance to business and industry.

In addition, your time as a student will give you the opportunity to build a network and grow as a person.

The student organisations associated with BI offer a wide variety of activities. They also serve as an important link between students and business and industry. The organisations organise BI’s Career Days, Næringslivsdagene , Fadderullan (BI’s Enrolment weeks), and student activism for charitable causes, to name a few things. Contributing to these activities lets you practice what you’ve learnt. An active life as a student is something employers value, too. Involvement in student organisations helps you make contacts and form relationships for a future career. A committee membership on your CV shows you have the capacity to do something in addition to studying. Employers appreciate this!

The student organisations are primarily for students. They will help you get involved and active and contribute to a good time as a student. BI Norwegian Business School highly appreciates their work. Our learning environment would not be the same without our student organisations. And BI’s management highly appreciates the good cooperation we have developed through several years.

Fadderullan (BI’s Enrolment weeks) is SBIO’s biggest project. It gives new students and buddies unforgettable experiences and makes for a great starting point for life as a student here at BI Oslo.

Again, I welcome you warmly to BI and a great week!

Kind regards,
Tom Colbjørnsen
President, BI Norwegian Business School 

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