Record number of students

25 August 2011

Never before have so many studied at BI Norwegian Business School. About 4600 new students showed up to start their studies at the BI Norwegian Business School’s six campuses in Norway this autumn.

This is an increase of four per cent compared with the previous year.

“It’s great to see that so many people are choosing an education in economics and administration,” says the president of BI Norwegian Business School, Tom Colbjørnsen. According to SSB’s prognoses, the students are making a wise choice when taking a bachelor or masters at BI. Society’s need for more labour with higher education within economics and administration will increase significantly up to 2025.

The admission figures for the autumn of 2011 show that the increase is mainly in bachelor programmes. The Master of Science programmes are at the same level overall as last year after several years with significant increases. However, there has been significant growth within certain master programmes as well.

Economics, administration and finance

The three-year programme in economics and administration has seen the biggest increase in students. This is now decidedly BI’s largest programme, with over 1300 students divided across all six campuses. The largest increase in master programmes has been Finance and Economics with 50 per cent.

Real estate services still popular

The bachelor in real estate services is still very popular, with an increase of 34 per cent. A total of 533 people have been accepted for this programme in the autumn, which may well be related to the authorisation requirement recently introduced for real estate agents.

Largest increase in Bergen

Bergen has seen the greatest increase. During this autumn, BI Bergen will open a new campus at Marineholmen and the admission figures show a total increase of 28 per cent compared with last year.

The figures are from 18 August.

In 2010, there were 19 998 students at the BI Norwegian Business School.

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