BI keeps pace with tough international competition

19 September 2011

BI Norwegian Business School is ranked 64th among the world’s leading business schools, despite ever sharper international competition for a place on the Financial Times list.

“An increasing number of international schools are competing for a coveted place on the Financial Times’ list, and many fall short. We have a long-term ambition to climb on that list, and have taken steps to improve our position over time,” says Tom Colbjørnsen, President of BI Norwegian Business School. 

Of all the international business schools that have registered for the ranking, 65 schools were found worthy of a place. Four new schools have been admitted. The competition for the best students, corporate customers and faculty staff will take place on the international stage. BI is a Norwegian business school with international ambitions, and we intend to compete with the best. A place on this ranking list will improve BI’s brand name internationally. 

Business school

“By focusing fully on the business school model we will provide an even better selection of subjects in economics. Our combination of professional clout and relevance to business and industry will remain our singular advantage,” concludes Colbjørnsen.

The Master in Management ranking list (BI’s MSc in Business and Economics) is based on criteria such as the students’ pay levels after three years, the number of faculty with PhD, female representation amongst facluty and in the board, as well percentage of international staff.  

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