Scholarship Celebration 2011

20 September 2011

Tuesday 20 September 51 students were presented with a Scholarship Confirmation in a ceremony here at BI in Oslo.

Talented international students receive scholarships that enable them to study at BI. The decision is based on academic achievement and we are pleased that the candidates have chosen BI when going abroad to study.

This year the recipients are from, among others, China, Ukraine, India, Russia, USA and the Dominican Republic.  The first two being the biggest groups. 

The Scholarship Comfirmation diplomas were handed out by the President of BI, Tom Colbjørnsen. He gave a small speech where he said that he was proud that the candidates had chosen BI and that he hoped they would develop a life-long love of learning.

Ann Kristin Calisch, Director of Master programmes, and Nils Øby, Director of Studies for the the Bachelor programmes introduced the candidates as Colbjørnsen was presenting the diplomas.

A Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship

Two scholarships each year are funded by the A Wilhelmsen Foundation and Tom Furulund presented this year's recipients with a diploma and a gift on behalf of the foundation.

Yonatan T. Mulatu from Ethiopia is in the 3-year Bachelor of Shipping Management programme, and Kunsaya Beristemova from Kazakhstan is in the MSc in Business and Economics programme where she majors in Strategy.

BI Norwegian Business School administers scholarships funded by the government throught the State Educational Loan Fund under the "quota scheme" and we offer BI funded MSc and BBA scholarships.

More information regarding the scholarships can be found on our website:

From last year's substantial profit, BI has decided to use NOK 20 million to strengthen the scholarship fund for international students in the years to come.


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