BI advancing on international list

19 October 2011

Presidents and deans from across the globe have recommended the world’s best-known business schools. BI is now ranked as number 27 in the world and number 15 in Europe.

In 2010, BI was placed 47th in the world and 25th in Europe. This year’s score puts BI among the schools that receive 5 palms out of 5 possible.

“It’s very gratifying to be given the top grade. I am very proud that BI is considered the 15th most frequently recommended business school in Europe. This shows that BI has a high international profile,” says President of BI Norwegian Business School, Tom Colbjørnsen.

Colbjørnsen believes the ranking is interesting because Eduniversal measures the experts’ knowledge of the schools.

“This ranking is relevant because it has been conducted among presidents and deans of a thousand selected business schools,” Colbjørnsen concludes.
In the Nordic countries, Copenhagen Business School and Stockholm School of Economics have, together with BI, been ranked among the 15 most recommended schools.


Eduniversal, which is part of the French consultancy firm SMBG (the leading French company in student orientation and HR), is behind the global survey where a  thousand presidents or deans are asked to recommend institutions of higher education in different countries. Their recommendations help form a basis for the ranking of the world’s 1000 best business schools. In addition to these recommendations, Eduniversal has also asked a multinational scientific committee to assess the international significance of each business school in terms of:

  • Universality
  • International recognition
  • Quality
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