Opting for international careers

5 March 2012

A growing number of BI's masters degrees students are opting for international careers. This emerges in a job market survey conducted for BI Norwegian Business School in 2012.

13.1 per cent of master's degree students have found jobs in international companies outside Norway, compared with 9.9 per cent the previous year.

"I'm pleased that more of our master's students are looking at international companies," says Tom Colbjørnsen, President of BI Norwegian Business School. The fact that over 30 per cent more of master's students from our 2011 cohort are going abroad after finishing their studies is good news.

47.5 per cent found jobs in international companies in Norway, compared with 52.7 per cent last year.

"The reason why even more students are not going abroad is probably to do with Norway's favourable employment conditions compared with many other countries. This may entice many newly-qualified students to stay at home. All the educational institutions are seeing the same trend. At the same time, almost half of BI's students choose international companies in Norway, and many of these will probably work abroad in the future, after having become part of international companies' career systems. And that I think is attracting more and more young people today," says Colbjørnsen.  

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