Economics the most popular

13 April 2012

Figures from Statistics Norway show that society’s need for people with a higher education in the fields of economics and management will rise dramatically over the next few years.

Many young people are now in the process of deciding what courses to choose for next year. Statistics Norway estimates that another 80 000 people with a BSc or similar in economics will be needed. By 2030 they might make up a larger occupational group than teachers, Dagens Næringsliv reported on 13 April. Economics and law are the most popular choices among young people.

The application deadline for higher education is 15 April, but BI Norwegian Business School practises continuous admission until semester start-up in August.

BI also finds that more people want to study economics.

“Economics is about figures, and the figures show that this course of study leads to a high salary. I expect people choose economics both because it is an interesting subject and because of this prospect of prosperity,” says BI President Tom Colbjørnsen to the newspaper on 13 April.

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