Let the students gain work experience

25 April 2012

“Good grades are not enough to get a job after graduation. Most companies also require relevant experience,” writes Dagsavisen on 26 April 2012.

In the opinion of DNB, there is a great need for cooperation between the business world and our academic institutions.

“It seems clear to us that not all academic institutions prepare their students equally well for working life. Students from BI, for example, are more used to being followed up and working in groups,” says Glenn Menkin, in charge of recruitment in DNB.

DNB is one of several companies that have joined BI’s mentor scheme at the Bachelor and Master levels.

Ingrid Marie Zeiner is one of the BI students who will try their hand as interns this summer. Her internship will continue through the autumn, as BI Norwegian Business School has an agreement with DNB that students may gain course credits as interns with the bank.

“I first studied for four years in the US and came home with good grades and papers from my school there, but with little experience. I have therefore made it a priority to gain that experience now. It’s all about building up a package that contains both academic qualifications and hands-on experience,” she tells Dagsavisen, saying she thinks it quite in order that  employers now increasingly look for recent graduates who already have work experience.

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