Record number of international students in Norway

10 May 2012

This spring there are 16,400 foreigners at Norwegian schools. Former BI student Kalliopi Mantagou never went back to Greece after the exam.

Last year she was one of a growing number of foreign students in Norway. During the master studies, she saw the economy collapse in Greece. With diploma in hand, she never went back home.

Today she works at Ernst & Young.

Among Kalliopis friends a good number stayed behind after graduation.

- Yes, you do not see it right away, but Norway is a nice place to live, she says to the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

- What is important for success as new in a country?

- You must be specific and know what is your goal. I was a little stubborn, I would learn the language, I would find me a job and fend for myself. I have been determined, and I never gave up, she says to the paper.

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