Fewer cheatings at BI

5 June 2012

BI Norwegian Business School intensified efforts over the past year to prevent cheating, with good results. In 2010, the business school recorded 39 cheating cases. Last year the figure had fallen to 23.

“BI has been running anti-cheating campaigns for several semesters, so we hope the improvement is because students have become more aware of what cheating is and thus avoid using illegal aids, plagiarising other sources and committing other fraudulent acts,” says Marianne Schei, director of Central Programmes Administration.

BI has over 20,000 students, who are now in the midst of the most intensive examination period, which lasts from May to mid-June.

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BI has particularly focused on the consequences of using a phone during an exam. Posters have been hung up in the exam rooms and flyers have been handed out to students.

“We do our utmost to detect cheating because this is important for the students' credibility when they start looking for jobs,” says Schei.

Students who are found guilty of cheating will be prosecuted under the Act relating to Universities and Colleges.

The strictest punishment is annulment of grades and exclusion from school for up to one year.

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