High season for talent hunt

1 June 2012

The number of students who want to work during the summer holidays has exploded, writes the Norwegian business newspaper Dagens Næringsliv. BI student Kenneth Østnes outperformed 1,300 applicants in his hunt for an internship.

BI student Kenneth Østnes will use the summer to advance his career. For over six weeks this summer he, along with others including Veronica Østbye from the University of Oslo, will try his hand as a consultant for Accenture after beating out nearly 1,300 applicants for one of the 34 internship spots.

“Given the future opportunities it provides, it's absolutely worth giving up your holiday in favour of a summer job like this,” Østnes told Dagens Næringsliv on 1 June 2012.

Read the story (in Norwegian) on DNTalent.

Several companies DN has been in contact with report record numbers of applicants this year. Accenture has seen applications skyrocket from 300 to 1,300, with DNB reporting a jump from 500 to 850 applicants this year.

Figures from Econa – The Norwegian Association of Masters in Science of Business – show that while a record number of business students are seeking an internship, many won’t succeed. Only one in ten has scored an internship position, even though half of the students have applied.

BI Norwegian Business School offers internships and mentor programmes for both bachelor’s and master’s degree students.

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