Will highlight BI`s research activities

7 June 2012

BI Norwegian Business School is throwing its hat into the ring with Harvard Business Review and McKinsey Quarterly and is launching its own digital research magazine, BI Business Review.

“BI Business Review will meet the requirements of future-oriented research communication. BI's new magazine will be a solid and updated knowledge base in an increasingly complex world,” says Janne Log, EVP of corporate communications and public affairs at BI.


What are the growth prospects for Norwegian business and industry? How is Norway affected by the European crisis? Why can’t we spend more oil money? BI Business Review will answer these questions and be a source of new research, research articles, research news, video interviews, profile interviews, new books and lectures.

BI Norwegian Business School has a faculty of over 390. Contributors to BI Business Review include Professor Torger Reve, Professor Hilde Bjørnland, Professor Jørgen Randers and Professor Espen Moen. Oil economics will be the main topic of the launch edition.

BI is the first educational institution in Scandinavia to launch its own digital interactive magazine and has thus thrown its hat into the ring along with international business schools that offer similar knowledge magazines. BI Business Review will be updated daily and will be available in all digital formats.

“Our goal is for BI Business Review to be the preferred channel for professional updates in management, economics and administration,” Log concludes.

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