More female professors at BI

28 August 2012

The BI Norwegian Business School has in recent years increased the percentage of female professors. Two out of ten professors at BI are now female.

“It is positive that the number of female professors at BI is increasing. But it is still important to focus on increasing the total percentage of women in the academic staff, and the percentage of female professors in particular,” says HR director at BI, Wenche Nilsen.

The percentage of female professors is 19 per cent, compared with ten per cent in 2007. In the last six months alone, four new female professors have been hired at BI.

“BI has had special focus on increasing the percentage of women among professors, directors, management and governing bodies in the last five years,” says Nilsen.

The percentage of women has also increased in other areas for BI. Fifty per cent of BI’s board consists of women and half of the department heads are female. Thirty-eight per cent of senior management is female.

“BI has a fundamental belief that diversity will contribute to developing our enterprise in a positive direction”, says Nilsen. BI has a strategic goal of strengthening its international activities and status. Increased diversity will strengthen BI’s innovation and internationalisation abilities, as well as enable the organisation to attract the best expertise regardless of gender, age and ethnicity. 

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