Wants the best students

30 August 2012

The BI Norwegian Business Schools wants more top-qualified students and is giving scholarships to the best graduate and doctoral students.

“The fight for the best minds is heating up and we are now granting scholarships to the most motivated students,” says Tom Colbjørnsen, President of BI.

The scholarship was established last year, but BI has not awarded the Presidential Scholarships until this autumn. The scholarship will be awarded for the first time this autumn to ten Norwegians, as well as ten foreign top-qualified students at graduate and doctoral levels. These students have an A in every subject, or have excelled in other ways.

Increased requirements for Master of Science

The BI Norwegian Business School has also increased the admission requirements for the Master of Science programme. Students must have a grade of B or higher to get in.

“Our students benefit from the clear signal to the labour market regarding the strict requirements that apply to our candidates,” says Colbjørnsen.

“There has been some uncertainty among certain employers regarding whether some of our master’s degrees are less demanding than others, as the grade requirements for admission to different studies vary. Now we are clearing up this ambiguity by introducing admission requirements for grade A or B in all master’s degree programmes. Grade C is no longer adequate for certain studies.

The B minimum admission requirement has already been introduced for BI’s largest master’s degree; business and economics, as well as for financial economics.

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