Finance and Real estate most popular

21 September 2012

New figures from BI Norwegian Business School show that Finance and Administration, and Real Estate are the most popular programs. 4527 new students started their education at BI this fall.

Executive Director for Bachelor and Master of Science, Jens Petter Tøndel says BI students have very good job prospects after graduating.

- The students choose BI for three reasons: Job opportunities, portfolio and network with industry, says Tøndel.

Labour market studies for BI also shows that 8 out of 10 students in the MBA program get jobs before they finish their studies.

After many years of growth the enrollmentnumbers decreased slightly (3.9%) compared to last year. At the same time numbers show that more students who receive offers, accepts and starts at BI. BI also want more international graduate students welcome this fall.


The most popular master studies are Business (232 students) and Revisjon (Accounting). Master of Science in Business and Economics (MBA studies) increases by over 15 percent. This year, BI has increased admission requirements for enrolling at Masterlevel to the grade B.

- We have increased the requirement for getting into graduate study and thus has focused us as a business school, continues Jens Petter Tøndel.

The Master of International Management a decrease of 32 students, from 62 to 30


The most popular bachelor studies at BI is Business and Administration (1307 students), Real Estate (620 students) and Marketing (488 students).

The Bachelor of Finance has a decrease of 57 students, from 124 to 67

Figures are per. 3. september 2012.

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