BI-Fudan MBA Alumni Event 2012

9 November 2012

BI-Fudan MBA programme organized a very successful annual alumni event in the beautiful city of Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on last Saturday November 3th, 2012.

The alumni event featured on "meeting a better you in the future" about career development attracted over 60 alumni and students from Change Management Programme 1 (CMP1) to BI-Fudan MBA class 18. Alumni representatives came from nearly 26 classes including 8 CMP classes and 18 MBA classes.

BI-Fudan MBA programme Director and Professor Xu Huizhong started the event by updating the participants about new curricular, overseas elective courses and alumni survey, trying to offer more values to our alumni and candidates.

The ice breaking activity provided alumni and students with a very good opportunity of getting to know one another and networking by exchanging business cards and introducing their business backgrounds.

The most engaging and inspiring part of the alumni event was the alumni career development mentorship salon by our four senior alumni guests from CMP programmes, who shared their career experiences and answered participants' questions they encountered in their career path. Most of the participants feel the sincerity of the dialogue with the alumni guests and would expect to have more events in such a kind in the future.

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