Concentrating resources to strengthen academic profile

13 December 2012

The board of trustees of BI Norwegian Business School has decided to move its activities at BI Drammen and BI Kristiansand to its other campuses

The decision is founded in BI’s new regional focus. In the coming years, BI will concentrate its academic resources in fewer, but larger campuses.

The decision of the board entails a stronger focus on the academic environments in the three largest student cities in Norway: Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger, in addition to the main campus in Oslo.

“BI aims to deliver research-based education at the high level and must therefore concentrate its resources,” says chairman of the board of trustees of BI Norwegian Business School, Terje Venold.

Research-based education

BI will not admit new full-time students in Drammen and Kristiansand as of autumn semester 2013. The activities will be discontinued within two years.

“We have great sympathy for the disappointment this means for our students and employees in Drammen and Kristiansand. However, it has proven difficult to establish large academic environments at the smallest schools. By moving the programmes to larger schools, we can offer our students even more research-based education and, as a result, more academic rigour and relevance when graduating. After all, this is what is important for our students,” says President at BI Norwegian Business School, Tom Colbjørnsen.

Students will be offered solutions to enable them to complete the studies they have started, and no employees will lose their jobs. The management will also initiate a dialogue with those affected, to find optimal solutions.

Locally and internationally

Local businesses have expressed concerns that BI will disappear from the region when the schools close down. BI contradicts this.

“Our close cooperation with businesses in Drammen and Kristiansand will be upheld. The largest projects are already run from BI main campus in Oslo. We will nurture our partners by offering academic and research-based expertise of high quality,” says Colbjørnsen

In the recent years, BI has become a business school with a high international ranking.

“This restructuring is founded on our academic ambitions. BI shall be a business school on a high European level, and both our students and graduates will benefit from this,” says Colbjørnsen.

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