BI international graduate on a path to success!

1 February 2013

A solid business education and high ambitions were the keys to success for Liza Nienova (24), Ukranian BI Masters graduate who landed a top job at PA Consulting Group, Norway.

Friday February 1st Norwegian business newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv, featured a story about  Liza Nienova, BI Norwegian Business School’s top  student in 2012 who opted to stay in Norway after completing her Master’s of Science Degree in Business with a major in Marketing.

- It only took a week to decide. I thought to myself: It feels right, I want to stay here. And then I started learning Norwegian, Nienova sais.

Excerpt from Dagens Næringsliv, February 1st

This ambitious student received the best academic performance award at last years Master’s Graduation. Liza’s strong academic performance dates back to her participation in the “Future Leaders Exchange” high school programme in Illinois, USA, which was financed by the American Foreign Affairs department. During her exchange programme, Liza was selected as the top student then as well and had the honor of meeting then Senator Barack Obama.

Although Americans were the first to recognize Nienovas talent when she was only 15, her success and recognition has continued in Norway where she has now found her new home.  

“In Ukraine nothing is 100 percent fair. Both at home and in the U.S. the environment was very competitive. People think mostly of themselves. I like Norway better, because everybody has equal rights and opportunities.  In Norway you get in return what you work for” she explains.

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