Practical aspects of business valuation

15 March 2013

Understanding the business, working in a consistent manner and using common sense. This was Lars Titland`s most important advice to the students at BI, when he guest lectured the Graduated Applied Valuation class on February 25th.

The asset manager from London was invited to give a talk to the MSc students about practical aspects of business valuation. On the agenda was a valuation of the international companies Carlsberg and Seadrill.

Business relevance

The course Graduated Applied Valuation emphasis to establish a framework that puts the students in a position to make managerial decisions based on an understanding of corporate value creation. Case discussions and guest lecturers are used to illustrate how corporate valuation is related to managerial decision making. 

- The purpose of combining  visiting professionals with practical case discussions is for the students to obtain a basic understanding of how real businesses operate, said Professor Øyvind Norli who previously taught the course.


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