Giant leap in prestigious ranking

2 December 2013

BI Norwegian Business School comes in as number 44 in the Financial Times' annual ranking of schools. This means that BI climbs a whopping 18 places and continues the positive development from last year, when we advanced eight places.

President Tom Colbjørnsen is very pleased that BI has now moved up to the next division among European business schools.

– This is terrific news. Reputation matters a great deal in our business, and rankings like this one are very important to us. Rankings are firm evidence of our international status, says President Tom Colbjørnsen.

Strategic move

Over the last few years, BI has made some strategic moves to advance in the prestigious ranking. This effort has yielded results, not least in that the MBA programme at BI Fudan has now been included in the ranking.

– Our long-term goal has been to achieve a higher ranking on the list by enhancing both our academic strength and our relevance. We have focused fully on making our mark as an international business school. Our ambition is to continue climbing, and our work to further develop BI’s academic environments is in full progress, says President Tom Colbjørnsen.

Praises the organisation

Colbjørnsen points to dedicated work as an important driver for the current result.

– This is a highly satisfactory outcome. Our organisation deserves much praise for their hard work to lift us to the next level, President Colbjørnsen concludes.

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