Social World Cup 2013 Lillehammer

11 December 2013

With 20.000 spectators in the arena, and over 100 million television viewers internationally, BI student Michael Eriksson (23) was head of social media during the World Cup for Nordic sports December 6th-8th at Lillehammer, Norway.

Eriksson has previously been responsible for the communication for the Junior Norwegian Championship, and the position as head of social media during the World Cup event at Lillehammer was a natural next step.

Erikssons long history as an active contributor in the skiing community was crucial for getting the position as head of social media.

– My main task has been to help with facilitating the event and to enhance the World Cup experience for a global audience. Social media can engage beyond traditional marketing activities, and it has required strategic planning. The feedback has been great, and of such a large scale that I have not been able to get a full perspective on all of it yet, says Eriksson.

Eriksson grew up in Lillehammer, the same town who hosts the World Cup. He is currently a student at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, where he is in his final year of a Bachelor in Public Relations and Communication Management. While exams were coming up, he spent most of his time in meetings and commuting between Lillehammer and Oslo. The planning of how the event should be communicated through the various channels has been an ongoing process since he was appointed in the spring.

– The knowledge I have acquired while studying has helped me a lot, but it is a great leap from theory to practice. It has been an exciting and challenging journey to coordinate the different digital communication tools simultaneously. I am also grateful for the help I got from my fellow students; they have been a great support, says Eriksson.

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