Spending the summer as an entrepreneur

20 May 2014

Christian Høie Lie (23) is studying for his MSc in Economics at BI and chosen a different summer this year: - My dream is to start my own business, he says to E24, 20 of May.

Together with 17 other Norwegian students, he will be spending three months working for start-up companies in Singapore, while attending evening classes in entrepreneurship at one of the top universities in Asia. Read the whole article on E24.no.

-I’ve always had the desire to start something for myself. I hope and think this evening class will be a step in the right direction, says Christian Høie Lie.

-Regardless of whether I end up starting my own company in the future, I do think that knowledge and experience from early-stage business development can be very useful, for instance when working with business development.

Asia’s Silicon Valley

The Norwegian Entrepreneurship program (Gründerskolen) students can choose between four different locations for their study abroad experience; Boston, San Francisco, Houston or Singapore. Lie chose the latter because he believes strongly in the region.

-Asia is on the rise in the global economy and I don’t see any signs of this growth slowing down. I think it makes good sense position oneself for the development by attaining a network and learning the region’s culture. The fact that Singapore is dubbed the Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia makes me even more confident that this was the right place to study entrepreneurship.

Education and learning

The theme for NHO’s, the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, annual conference earlier this year was education and learning. A major point in this was the learning that takes place in working life versus what we learn as part of our education.

- It is important studies aren’t just theories independent from the real world. Theories and practice should be connected in new ways. Barriers between education and working life must be dismantled. For several years, BI Norwegian Business School has been focused in its efforts to offer students internships as part of their bachelor and master degree programmes, as we see the major learning effect they have. For this very reason, we’ve chosen to partner with the Norwegian Entrepreneurship program (Gründerskolen), says Yngve Kveine, communications director at BI Norwegian Business School.

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