Reinforcement of academic management at BI

18 June 2014

The Board of Trustees today approved the appointments of Professor Ulf Henning Olsson as provost for Research and Academic Resources and Professor Dag Morten Dalen as provost for Academic Supervision and Quality Assurance.

Both provosts  have been appointed for the 2014 – 2018 period. Following the appointment of Inge Jan Henjesand as BI’s new president, the positions of then provost and senior vice president were announced in line with BI’s bylaws. However, already at the time of the announcement the appointment of  the two provosts was considered and the anouncement's text reflected that. Today, the Board of Trustees approved a change of the BI statutes which has now made the actual appointment of two provosts possible.

Dag Morten Dalen and Ulf Henning Olsson

“By appointing two provosts on an equal footing we are introducing a model that will strengthen the interaction between outstanding research, attractive study programmes, relevance and efficient use of resources,” says Inge Jan Henjesand, BI Norwegian Business School’s new president.

Thorough-going process

Henjesand points at a good process with many highly qualified candidates.

“I am very pleased that Ulf Henning Olsson and Dag Morten Dalen have agreed to continue as part of the management team. After four years in these roles, they possess valuable experience and competence which I would like BI to benefit from in the years to come. These appointments ensure continuity, which I believe is very important in order to build on BI’s excellent performance so far. If BI wants to succeed in a world where competition for the best faculty,  the best students and the best corporate relations will only increase, we need to develop clearer and improved leadership roles throughout the organisation. We need managers who are able to lead their part of BI's organisation as well as contribute to cooperation that transcends the distinction between research, study programmes and business units,” says Henjesand.

Ulf Henning Olsson

Ulf Henning Olsson has held the position of senior vice president for Research and Academic Resources during the 2010 -2014 period and during this time contributed to the development of BI’s departments and their management. As provost for Research and Academic Resources, Olsson looks forward to further strengthening the efforts to develop BI as an attractive workplace for the best national and international faculty. 

“During these years I really appreciated the chance to work with the heads of departments and other BI faculty on reinforcing their position.  Henjesand's decision to appoint two provosts on an equal footing will definitely be a positive force in this respect,” says Ulf Henning Olsson.

Dag Morten Dalen

Dag Morten Dalen has held the position of Provost for Academic Supervision and Quality Assurance during the 2010 – 2014 period. Dalen has led the work on the BI programme portfolio, accreditations, ranking and new ways of learning through ICT. As Provost for Academic Supervision, Dalen will have the responsibility to secure that BI`s study programmes satisfy international academic quality standards and are relevant and innovative when it comes to new learning methods. This demands development of academic leaders who will have as one of their important tasks to reconcile different interests in BI`s organisation.

“With the international accreditations we have achieved, we have laid a solid foundation for the road ahead. This work has taken up a lot of time for many of our employees. Now we will direct more attention to the development of academic supervision and quality assurance at BI. Our many dedicated deans and associate deans represent a unique resource for BI. With good cooperation between the deans’ line and the departments, there is a great development potential both for the academic side and the teaching,” says provost Dag Morten Dalen.

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