BI Case Study Club

20 August 2014

BI is forming a case study competition team to enhance students' problem solving skills through analysing various business cases.

With this BI is building on its already substantial case competition portfolio with the launch of BI Case Study Club: a team of skilled and motivated bachelor students who will regularly solve real case studies from Norwegian and international companies.

For students, the concept gives the opportunity for networking with potential employers, as well as the chance to hone their skills with the help from experts in the field.

- We are very pleased to offer students a new learning environment that is highly relevant for future employment and that the cases are competitions makes it even more exciting, says Marielle Solvang Nilsen, Project Manager at BI Case Study Club.

The repertoire of case study competitions at BI has led to impressive feats from students, such as winning second place in a case competition from Harvard Business School and qualifying for a case competition in Canada. It’s perhaps time, then, for BI to gather an ‘A Team’ to take its case study culture to the next level and provide a platform from which companies can advertise themselves to students and spot future employees.

- Working with case studies acquaints participants with the reality of problem-solving in business, believes DNB Marketing Director, Rune Garborg. It brings out how to work in a team and is an excellent way of putting theory into practice.

Aside from the future career benefits, the Case Study Club, and the case competition culture in itself at BI, will enrich the students experiences during their studies. There’s the social aspect of networking with like-minded people, the travel opportunities such as the case study modules students who will go to New Zealand this year and the assurance of continually developing vital skills for life after BI.

Nilsen further encourages companies wanting to submit a case to get in touch.

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