Student Union Recruitment Day!

27 August 2014

When you walk into BI on the morning of 28th August, be prepared to write your best-looking signature and don your social butterfly wings.

SBIO will be hosting up 60 stands from student union clubs on Thursday 28th August, ranging from mountaineering to business culture to dancing, all wanting you to join them.

Not only do extra-curricular activities add colour to your CV, but they provide the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself into what Norway has to offer. Whether you’re looking to exercise your body or mind, take part weekly or monthly, do something familiar or get out of your comfort zone, there will be a club for you.

- To do well with your studies, it's important to have a good social environment as a student, says Espen Haugen, President for The Student Union at BI Oslo. On the Student Union Recruitment Day you have the opportunity to learn about all the student activity that takes place at BI. Talk to the people hosting stands - they want to talk to you!

If you’d like to go a step further and be the one to call the shots, some clubs such as Fadderullan will be looking for new board members. Being a board member or club organiser means you can watch all your brilliant ideas materialise and make BI an even better environment for students, so be sure to show the clubs your enthusiasm.

Even if not to sign up to a club, getting into the crowd and talking to people will make your day at BI just that little bit more special.


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