BI Career Fair 2014

29 September 2014

This year’s career fair has been an action-packed four days with appearances from some the world’s most sought-after employers. New connections and opportunities were created – but not just for the students.

What can often be forgotten is that the BI Career Fair is an opportunity to be seized by companies to capture the interest of students, not just the other way around. That much was evident with the new arrival of Bloomberg, who were seeking pastures new in the Nordic arena, and the drive echoed throughout companies at the fair with the participation of Evry, Telenor and IDÉ House of Brands, to name just a few.

Next generation of employees

The sentiment was also carried in a presentation from Google on Personal Branding. Cassiano Mecchi, a University Recruiter at Google, placed emphasis on the importance of reaching out to consumers.

- Companies need to acknowledge and adapt to the environment their consumers are in.  

In this case, the consumers are the next generation of employees - the students. Although it’s the job of the students to come armed with their confidence and CVs to the career fair, it’s mission of the companies to show that they are more than just an internship to fill up  the Summer, they are a unique brand.

- Companies have to remember to tailor their vacancies to students, says Subhan Malik, Business Manager at Telenor. We haven’t been active with students in the past but now we have a specific need for new blood. There’s a shift in the market and our CEO wants people with updated knowledge to bring something new to the table.

Impressive Programme

The students in Næringslivsutvalget had put together an impressive programme this year. For the first time the whole event was in English and the courses offered to students this week have been held by professionals with different international backgrounds.

Among the 93 companies present at the fair, there was an international vibe running throughout with the likes of new startup from Amsterdam, TravelBird, to the multinational Bloomberg who this year have chosen BI as their focus for Scandinavian recruitment. With an ever increasing number of international students, the portfolio of global companies recruiting from BI is growing with it.

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