Presidential Scholarships awarded to top students

17 September 2014

The BI Presidential Scholarship has been awarded to twenty-one top students, all who have proven themselves to be of the highest standards.

The scholarship, which provides at least one full year of paid Master tuition and living expenses, is awarded to the students who show not only academic achievements of outstanding quality, but those who can balance that with deep involvement in other aspects of University life.

This is the first time that the new president of BI, Inge Jan Henjesand, has received students with the Presidential Scholarship and he opened the delivering ceremony with a promise to the candidates.

- Your being here today means you’ve had to overcome challenges and sometimes sacrifices to earn this scholarship. BI received an internationally renowned accreditation this year and was measured against the highest educational institutes around the world. We will do our upmost to deliver back to you.

BI: an international first choice

Among the A-grade candidates are eleven international students who applied to the BI scholarship from a variety of countries, from India to Vietnam. Presidential Scholarships are offered across the globe but to these high achievers, BI is the university that stood out to them.

- I didn’t think Europe was affordable but when I started looking at the BI Presidential Scholarship and the Strategic Marketing Management course, I  realised the opportunities it would give me and dropped all my other applications, says Aditya Shekar, previously President of the student union at Bangalore University in India.

- I believe what helped me achieve the scholarship was my ability to balance a life of working for top grades with being involved with university life in other ways. Time management is so important, says Daria Valerievna Kuznetsova, who was President of the Dance Club at the American University in Bulgaria.

Twenty countries were represented at the ceremony, which also awarded other scholarships including Master of Science and BBA. BI already offers academic rigour and is increasingly expanding its international profile. With contributions to quality and reputation from some of the most outstanding students in Norway and abroad, it won’t be long until BI will be an international first choice for studying business.

The following people have been awarded the Presidential Scholarship at BI:

  • Eugen Cucu, Republic of Moldova
  • Dmytro Donukis, Ukraine
  • Ruslan Kovalenko, Ukraine
  • Daria Valerievna Kuznetsova, Russian Federation
  •  Tudor Muruzuc, Republic of Moldova
  • Le Linh Nguyen, Vietnam
  • Atal Pandit, Nepal
  • Valeriia Petrusenko, Ukraine
  • Aditya Shekar, India
  • Kalina Plamenova Simeonova, Bulgaria
  • Binh Minh Thi Truong, Vietnam
  • Randi Hovden Borge, Norway
  • Petter Bringedal, Norway
  • Aksel Øverland Engebakken, Norway
  • Ali Aishe Jalal, Norway
  • Kristine Rønning Johansen, Norway
  • Jørgen Hansen Juvik, Norway
  • Charlotte Stranden Karlsnes, Norway
  • Mathias Tidemann Krafft, Norway
  • Roy Emeka Nwachukwu, Norway
  • Mads Andre Valderhaug, Norway
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