BI becomes new research partner

25 November 2014

The Centres for Research-based Innovation, SFI, has acquired BI as a partner for research related to health, construction and sustainability.

The list of new research centres, which includes BI, was announced on November 21st. The new centres will be awarded grants totaling approximately 1.6 billion kroner  over the next eight years. The grants will allow research centres to conduct research in close collaboration with companies and other research institutions. See the list of new centres (norwegian).

BI President Inge Jan Henjesand is pleased that BI is represented in the two research centres Centre for Connected Care, relating to health along with University of Oslo, and Climate 2050 relating to construction and sustainability.

- It is important for BI to be a contributing research partner. Investment in research and innovation ensures the opening of gates to expertise and progressive technology.  It contributes to a better future, says Henjesand.

About Centre for Connected Care

The centre’s main objective is to establish new innovative service models in the healthcare sector, based on systems where the user’s way of thinking is considered and they can be given responsibility for their health.

Along with hosting institution University of Oslo, the centre will involve contribution from BI, , Oslo University Hospital and Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Corporate partners are Siemens, Telenor Objects, Accenture, Dignio, Induct Software, Hospital IT and M4 Influence.

Associate Professor Thomas Hoholm together with Per Ingvar Olsen and Håkan Håkanson will represent BI’s participation at this centre. Hoholm is looking forward to the opportunity to strengthen the innovation of healthcare even further.

- Healthcare faces both significant challenges and opportunities in the years to come. There is a great need for new technologies and service models, not to mention increased development in research-based knowledge of innovation in this sector. Together with the other participants, we are well equipped to contribute to the development of patient-orientated healthcare, says Hoholm.

About Climate 2050

The centre will reduce social risks associated with climate change. Research will address both extreme and gradual effects of climate change. Activities at the centre will trigger both new and improved solutions, products, processes and business models within climate adaption of buildings and infrastructure.

Hosting institution SINTEF will collaborate with research partners BI, NTNU, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Geotechnical institute. Corporate partners include a diverse portfolio from the construction industry.

Associate Professor Lena Bygballe will be BI’s participant at this centre and is happy to contribute ti research.

- This provides us with a good opportunity to demonstrate BI’s relevance and to help solve one of the major social challenges the world faces, namely the adaption of buildings and infrastructure. The BI Centre for the Construction Industry will contribute essential knowledge on technical products and solutions for a changing environment.

These two centres will contribute to some of the most significant areas of research for Norway and will strengthen  corporate collaboration for an outcome of innovative social welfare.

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