BI opens research center for creative industries

17 November 2014

BI Norwegian Business School has established a new research center to promote research and education related to the creative industries.

The Center for Creative Industries at BI Norwegian Business School will produce basic research initiated by the centre itself, as well as useful research on assignment for others. The main goal of the center is to build bridges between researchers, practitioners and students.

The center name is “Creative Industries” rather than “Cultural Industries” (kulturnæring) which would have been more in line with Norwegian terminology, because this is the dominant term internationally, both for theory and practice. The creative industries in focus will be: music; film, games and photography; TV and radio; architecture; design, printed media; advertisements and advertising; and cultural heritage and artistic activity. The common factor tying these industries together is that they all focus on carefully designed communication using creative techniques. 

Three focus areas 

The Center for Creative Industries has three main focus areas:

  1. Digitalisation
  2. Creative activities (management, marketing, export, business models, etc.) 
  3. Private funding of arts and culture, such as sponsoring and crowdfunding

Digitalisation is a key factor in the initial projects: digital local papers, digital consumption of arts and media, digitalisation of the cinemas, arts institutions and social media.

A new trend in the current media market is that local newspaper circulation is falling more than usual. At the same time, several local media owners are making users pay for digital content.

- In our project ‘Digital local papers, paywalls and the advertising market’, we will investigate what the readers think about paywalls and how the introduction of various paywalls is changing the local papers’ qualities as an advertising medium, explains Professor Anne-Britt Gran who heads up the Center for Creative Industries at BI.

Art in social media

Researchers at the center will investigate how artists and institutions use social media for sharing, marketing, distribution, PR and/or in the actual production of art.

- It will also be interesting to see whether social media has an impact on artistic expression. Do the artists ever listen to the public, in fact? Gran asks.

The Center for Creative Industries will, in collaboration with the analysis firm Menon, survey the creative industries’ importance for the Norwegian economy in terms of value creation, employment, profitability and where in Norway the creative industries have the greatest significance. The study will also capture the economic significance of digitalisation within the creative industries. In collaboration with Music Norway, which has commissioned the project, the center will conduct a study of best practice for export of music. 

- The project will collate experiences from musicians who have experience with exporting music. Our objective is to better understand Norwegian music export and what it takes to succeed, Gran says.

Facts about the Center for Creative Industries at BI

  • The Center for Creative Industries at BI was officially opened on Thursday, 13 November 2014.
  • The Center for Creative Industries will promote research and education within the creative industries.
  • Professor Anne-Britt Gran will head up BI’s Center for Creative Industries.
  • The center’s academic staff are Professor Sigrid Røyseng, Associate Professor Tor Bang, Associate Professor Jo Bech-Karlsen, Associate Professor Christian Fiesler, Associate Professor Terje Gaustad, Associate Professor Mona Solvoll, Associate Professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm and PhD student Christian Winther Farstad.
  • Link to the website: Center for Creative Industries at BI
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