The educational appeal of Norway

15 December 2014

Read and watch President Inge Jan Henjesand interviewed by Financial Times on why Norway and BI is an increasingly attractive option for international students.

Meet the Dean: President Inge Jan Henjesand discusses education in Norway with FT's Busness Education Editor, Della Bradshaw

Earlier this autumn President Inge Jan Henjesand was interviewed by Della Bradshaw, Business Education Editor at Financial Times, on diverse topics such as international competition and attracting international students, what makes Norway a rewarding place to study and how Norway's reputation for having a high percentage of women on boards could be a pulling factor for international students.

The interview is part of a series from Financial Times with apperances from Deans from top business schools all over the world.  Each talk centres around a focal point unique to the represented school, which in this case is what it is about Norway that encourages students to choose BI over some of the more famous business schools.

In the links below you can read the text interview for the business school section "Meet the deans", and watch the video interview.

Meet the dean - Inge Jan Henjesand, BI Norwegian Business School

The educational appeal of Norway - Video interview with Henjesand, BI Norwegian Business School

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