BI's Best MSc Student 2014

9 January 2015

Iryna Stadnyk, (22), was honoured with the title of best MSc student across all Master courses due to her outstanding grades. In addition to a double degree with a university in France, Iryna achieved a GPA of 4.93. Here she shares how she did it.

MSc graduation 2014. From left to right, Dean of PhD Øyvind Norli, Iryna Stadnyk, BI President Inge Jan Henjesand, Dean of MSc Janicke Rasmussen.

- Why did you choose BI and why an MSc in Business?

BI was already quite well known among Ukrainian students, and therefore it caught my attention as well. After taking a closer look, I found out that the MSc in Business programme with major in Finance is really interesting for me content-wise. I liked its strong quantitative focus, which was a good complement for my Bachelor in Finance. Another reason for going to BI was its plentiful opportunities for personal and professional development, given a large diversity of students and faculty, as well as opportunities for future career preparation via a direct contact with business world. Lastly, I also received a Quota Scholarship from Lånekassen, which of course made my studies in Norway viable.

- What steps did you take to achieve your 4.93 GPA?

I think the key success factor for such a performance was my exceptional interest in all the subjects that I studied as well as continuous work throughout semesters. I think it is really important to maintain the interest in what one is doing, as this gives the necessary energy and motivation for everyday work. As crucial is also continuous effort, not only during the exam period, but starting from the first day at school. I believe such an attitude was really beneficial for me, as exam periods became much easier to manage. 

- How would you describe your overall BI experience?

I think the two years I spent at BI (the second year I spent on a Double Degree programme in France) were exceptionally exciting, challenging and enjoyable. Without any doubt, my experience at BI is has become best experience in my life so far. Not only did this school give me lots of knowledge, skills, new friends and a really nice time, but it also widely opened the doors for me to new opportunities in business world. 

- What is the next chapter in your life and how do you feel about it?

In February I will start to work an as Analyst at IMS Consulting Group in Munich. The company has 20 offices worldwide and is providing data-driven consulting services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. I am really excited not only about the interesting work I'll be doing there, and about the professionals and industry experts I will be learning from, but also about moving to a new city and basically starting a completely new life. My ambition is to stay in consulting for quite some time and achieve outstanding results in terms of further personal and professional development.

- What advice can you share with current and future MSc students? 

I believe the most important thing for us is to identify what we want to do in the future, what we are passionate about and what gives us the energy to do it. When the one does what he or she really likes, plus adds a bit of  hard work and patience, they will achieve high results without any doubt. That's why I would advise students to find their own way, build their future on their own by continuous work and dedication to what they like.

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