Involve students more

25 February 2015

President Inge Jan Henjesand presented the new strategy for 2015-2018 on 13th February. In an interview with the student newspaper INSIDE, he talks about the expectation he and BI have for students.

In the BI strategy for 2015-2018 one of the central goals is to inrcease the value of a BI degree in cooperation with students. What characterises a BI candidate? Which values and attitudes should  strudent bring with them to the workplace?

- When we create a strategy, it is natural to involve the main representatives of BI. I therefore challenge the students to a debate about how you can contribute to the higher value of a BI degree in the labour market. It's about positive accountability for you as a student, says President Inge Jan Henjesand to INSIDE.

An international vision

The new strategy is based on the following three areas:

  • International
  • Impact
  • Interaction

Businesses in Norway are becoming increasingly international. Norwegian companies have international shareholders, employees, partners, competitiors and, not least, international customers. 

BI wants to be part of the international context. BI employees have to influence their students, research and life both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, interaction will focus on alumni, community, industry and students.

- We are working on many things that I want to involve students in, in order to make sure that when we first carry act on these things, we do it correctly, revelealed Henjesand to INSIDE.

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