Sneak peek at new student canteen

20 February 2015

In a few months’ time, the new student canteen at BI Oslo will launch with a very different style. Aimed to accommodate for various needs and activities, the new space will make for a pleasant break from hectic study lives.

The premises will include two dining areas with various food stations, including Italian pizza. Project Manager at BI, Hanne Vetaas, is pleased to provide students with a brand-new dining experience in Autumn 2015, pointing to the canteen as a major hub in academic life.

-    Study life means more than just classes. The new canteen premises will be an important aspect of studying at BI, and will be a venue which will create a beneficial social life for students. It will be a place of wellbeing for everyone, says Vetaas.

Fresh changes for a fresh semester

The main development of the new canteen is its two dining areas with different atmospheres to suit the varying needs of students. The distinctive visual identities of the areas are designed to give students a stimulating break from books, whether they’re in need of some alone time eating with a group of friends.

One zone will have long tables and benches to mimic the feeling of being on a picnic, while the other will have a more subdued and cosy atmosphere much like that of a home lounge.

The project group working on BI’s new dining experience is very pleased with the blueprints, and hope that the new seating plans will provide a break from long study days.

-    We have been concerned that students haven’t had a good solution for taking a break from their books and eating in suitable environments. I think the new canteen will give students a well-deserved break from hectic lives, says Vetaas.

Gourmet food experience

Gastro Catering will be the new provider and they come with the belief that everyone deserves proper food made from scratch by real chefs. Yet, good food alone doesn’t make for a good dining experiences which is where the new canteen layout comes in. The customer service, the ambience and physical design, and all the other smaller details must complement each other for a holistic experience.

-    We must not forget that there are also extra-curricular activities among students which encourage important for thriving and creating networking opportunities that can carry on into life after BI. The canteen needs to be a valuable area for this part of student lives too, concludes Vetaas.

The project for the new canteen, coming in Autumn 2015, is being carried out by Tommy Wensås, Bent Kjetil Lærum and Hanne Vetaas. The blueprints for the dining areas were created by Interiørplan and the serving areas are designed by Foodtech.

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